9 stages of any normal relationship

Have you ever heard that there are some stages of any normal relationship? Relationships are unpredictable but there are some similarities in every relationship. Every relationship is unique in its characteristics but most of them follow the traditional framework which is somehow common. You may have been in different relations but you must have realized that each of them was different from the earlier one. Yes, you realized it right because it’s the nature of relationships.

Relationships are not always perfect. We have to go through hard times in every relationship in order to maintain it beautifully. If we think of having a perfect relationship without any effort, it wouldn’t be possible. Beside this, there are some specific traits which every relationship follows in order to avoid the fights, mood swings etc. If you are in a relationship and want to last it forever, here are the 9 amazing stages of any normal relationship which will surely help you out.

9. A short-lived craze or Infatuation stage

In every relationship, it is the first stage. This stage always starts with an intense love and attraction but with growing time, it gets fade. In the early hours of relationship, both the parties get close to each other and the urge of love is at its peak. In Infatuation stage, both overlook each other’s mistakes and notice only the good sides. A relationship would have been perfect if this stage never last, but unfortunately when the craze of love gets slow, the stage ends.

8. The understanding stage

This stage is very important in every relationship. Without the presence of this stage, a relationship would be like a tree without leaves. Understanding each other in hours of needs and difficulty makes the relationship strong. When couples start long conversations which stretch into night, both of them start understanding each other by knowing about each other’s likes, dislikes, families, exes etc. The understanding stage is present almost in every normal relationship.