If he do these 9 things, he is your forever person

6. He becomes a child just to make you smile

If his happiness is in your happiness, then he surely loves you. He will do whatever makes you happy and puts a smile on your face i.e. he will bend over backward just to see you smile.

5. He practice honesty even if he is going through a hard time

An honest person is the best one. You are lucky and he is your forever person if he is always honest with you. No matter how much difficult situation he is going through, he will never give you comfort you by telling a lie.

4. He treats you with the utmost care and respect

He will always treat you respectfully even when he is angry. It means he doesn’t want to make you feel bad in front of others because he really cares about you. If you are wrong, he will let you know about it in private and will keep it only between you and him.