A Girlfriend’s Challenge that change her Boyfriend’s life Forever!

A guy was madly in love with his girlfriend. Not a single moment passed in his life when he wouldn’t think of them together in the coming days. Things were going perfectly straight and normal. He couldn’t believe his starts that the most beautiful girl in his life was about to become his soul mate forever. They would text each other daily if they are not around, they will talk endlessly when they were together. Everything was in perfect harmony. They knew in their heart of hearts that that’s it. The search for the perfect soul mate is over.
The day came when they decided to finalize their wedding day. They made arrangements together. But before officially inviting all their friends and relatives the girl placed a condition on the table. She said to him, “I want to know first that how much you love me.” He was uncomfortable with the thought because all these years he have been proving his love to her and she never questioned it. He was inquisitive and hurt. Their wedding preparations were all done and they just had to announce the day to get married.