Are you Afraid of being in a Relationship?

I have observed that so many people are afraid of being in a relationship. Few days ago, I met with a person who was really afraid of being in a relationship, when that person saw a couple he shared his views with me and those were quite shocking. He shared his feelings and his insecurities with me. The fear of being in a relationship. The fear of loss, fear of attachment with others, fear of pain, he was helplessly sharing his views. I wouldn’t deny these fears but this is not necessary to happen in every case. It’s hard to highlight the every reason but there are few common reasons. It’s pertinent to mention those reasons here because if you are one of them, this article will surely help you.

3.Minimize the level of fear


It’s hard to say that you should minimize these things but it’s hard to do so. It’s hard but it’s not impossible, if you get attracted to opposite gender, it’s natural. But now the question is if you have attracted to someone and you don’t know how to respond to them. Don’t make it difficult its simple, it’s a plunge that you have to take. It’s a risk whether you will be succeeded or not. But if you will rise your fears you will never ever be successful. To be attracted towards someone doesn’t mean that you are blind enough to fall in love. Keep your eyes and heart open. You should be able to understand the things. People with high level of fears can never be successful in life.