5 Awkward Situations that Happen in Every Relationship 

When we begin to develop feelings for a certain person, we try our best to show them our best side. If the feelings are mutual then you secretly fear that something would change those feelings. You don’t always stay that insecure but things are different in the beginning. As a result, you try to do things differently and end up creating very awkward situations for yourself at times. At those times, you were extremely embarrassed but you laugh at them now. Here are some of those awkward situations:

5. The first time that happens.

Oh, this is the king of all awkward situations. There are just so many things going on in your head that you probably want to cry. You don’t know if you both will be able to initiate it well you don’t know if you both will be satisfying for one another. You don’t know if it will end up leaving you both so awkward that you’d postpone such activities. No matter what the scenario is, the first time it happens, things are awkward and scary but for some people, going with the flow makes things very simple.