5 Awkward Situations that Happen in Every Relationship 

4. The first date

The first date is never easy. It is one proper awkward situation because no matter how much pep talk you get from your friends, you’re already dying in your gut. From looking okay to eating properly to going to the perfect restaurant – you just want everything to be amazing. In such attempts, you end up making some hilarious blunders too. Guys sometimes actually forget their wallets at home in the nervousness.


3. Explaining to them how things could have been better.

Oh, this one is another massive awkward situation. It’s over but you are still left with certain fantasies in your head. You want them to do things but you don’t have the heart to tell them that whatever they are doing is not enough. The situation becomes challenging and tricky and you just want to hide somewhere. However, remember that don’t fake things or keep things from one another. Go through this awkward situation once to keep things going well for a long time. (Wink wink)