The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Feel yourself in his Arms

Love is a subject that must have been written, sung, spoken and drawn the most in the world. Many great philosophers and thinkers have gone by trying to decipher the best kind of love. However, barely anyone has been able to understand what this feeling is. We all know that it is probably the only human emotion that holds no boundaries but knowing what it truly is, is something we can only try.

It is a feeling which is conditioned to be unconditional. It is a feeling which has been so meaningless in the hunt of finding true meaning. It is a feeling which has slain the wisest and blessed the misfortunate. It is a mystery, an unsolved riddle.

But when you are in a relationship, you can feel it in many moments with him. No matter how ‘cool’ and ‘insensitive’ you claim to be, you cannot miss those moments of togetherness which are completely full of love.

The Best Kind Of Love Is When He Admires You

When he looks into your eyes and they sparkle like the stars. When you are continuously blabbing away and you find him staring at you with glittery eyes. You know that he admires everything about you. The way you talk. The way you dress. The way you carry yourself. He admires you and honors your life choices.

The Best Kind Of Love Is When He Appreciates You

You know that he appreciates everything you do. Appreciation not just with words but also in his actions. If a man appreciates you, he will honor what you have decided for yourself. Instead of becoming a rock in your success, he will be the ladder that will help you climb and achieve what you wish for.

The Best Kind Of Love Is When He Says Your Name With Love

When you are in a relationship you start speaking to each other with lovey Dovey terms such as baby, baby, sugar, honey et cetera. Little do you get to hear your own name from his mouth? But when you do, it feels like nature has started to play the violin and the wind begins to blow your hair all of a sudden. Yes, that’s love.