The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Feel yourself in his Arms

The Best Kind Of Love Is When He Misses You

Generally, guys don’t relate to the feeling of missing someone. Even when they do miss you, they shy away from expressing it or feeling it sensitively. When a guy messages you that he misses you, it means that he physically, mentally and emotionally wishes you were there with him. If that isn’t true love then what is?

The Best Kind Of Love Is When He Cooks For You

Not all guys are great at cooking but we’re not talking about steaks and pizzas. Even if he makes an effort to put together a lemonade for you or make you a sandwich, that act is pure love. It signifies how he wants to take care of you in every aspect of your life, letting go of what is comfortable for him.

The Best Kind Of Love Is…Which Is Felt In his Arms

And last but the not the least, the best kind of love is when you can feel it physically. When he wraps his arms around and you feel like the entire universe has settled into place. When he holds you tight after a long tiring day and you don’t feel tired anymore. When you hugs you after a depressing incident and you immediately know that everything will be okay. This is the best kind of love.