Boyfriend of Murdered Journalist speaks up and Shares His Love Story This is Heartbreaking

Fate is sometimes very cruel to us. We plan our lives and we decide who we want to spend our lives with, and then that person stops existing. While we had planned so much, life just took away our most prized possession. Chris Hurst lost his soulmate in a heart-breaking incident of this sort. We all know that finding one’s soulmate isn’t something that happens every day so Hurst’s devastation is justified.

Christ Hurst and Alison Parker, both, worked at WDBJ-TV. Hurst is an anchor while Alison was a reporter for the channel. They were both living together and on the day she was murdered, they were together in the morning. She kissed him goodbye before leaving and Hurst had no idea that it would be her last kiss to him. She left for her morning shift and Alison Parker was conducting an on-air interview with her cameraman Adam Ward at 6.45 am. When a former co-worker appeared and shot the two of them. The two of them couldn’t survive the damned gunshots. She was interviewing Vicki Gardner, head of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce and he was shot as well. He, however, survived.