Please note that this story has been edited to protect the identity of the writer as well as not to hurt anyone reading it. The story is also told from the writers’ point of view.

It was one beautiful day and the sun shone brightly when saw her for the first time. Let’s just say that it wasn’t truly loved at first sight but I did develop a gut feeling that drew me close to her. She was my colleague at the office and we used to work on the same projects on and off. I adored the way she managed her deadlines and her focus to the job was simply appraisable. I became a secret admirer.

Over the course of a few weeks, our conversations took a paradigm shift from work life to personal life. We started spending hours after work together, eating out at the local joints, sharing her happiness and problems with each other. I started to observe that she began opening up to me. She told me some of the most painful realities of life and I understood that she longed for my friendship beyond the state we were in. But I always felt unsure. We had this charming, fancy looking boy at our workplace and I always believed that she and he had a thing going and I don’t stand a chance for a relationship, so I stayed aloof. Fast forward a few incidences, she wanted to be with me and I flew to the top of the world.

We had an amazing chemistry. Everyone talked about our love. We instantly became the ideal couple everyone admires. Our relationship became a part of all the gossip at work (in a good way) and we were totally nailing it. However, one thing became increasingly annoying to me; the time she spent on her phone while we were together. I told myself it’s the new trend of selfies and snaps chat and God knows what. I tried to keep all negatives at bay. But I couldn’t resist wondering why she wanted to be on her phone all the time while I was right in front of her. I knew she had a huge circle of friends but when it got too much, I asked her and she negated that it’s just foolish gossip that she stays on top of in her WhatsApp groups.