“Cuddle me until I fell asleep” is your boyfriend cuddling you right, 5 signs you must know

As women, I like to be cuddled. Cuddling is the best and most romantic thing you can do with your boyfriend and I think cuddling is an art and not everyone knows how to cuddle. In early stages of any relationship, cuddling makes you feel good and happy in fact you can learn a lot about your boyfriend the way he cuddles you. There are some rules every girl should know that her boyfriend is cuddling her right

5. Always feel like falling in love for the first time

A good cuddling boyfriend can make you feel like it’s your first cuddle every time he cuddles you even it’s not your first cuddle. You can listen to your heartbeat and when he touches you feel like you are falling in love with him again and again though you are already in love with him.