Dating Your High School Boyfriend Is the Best 6 Reasons why

they have seen all our phases. Here is why:

Your high school boyfriend was with you during your awkward phases. They have seen us grow up and they have seen some of our major achievements in life. As a result, they know us a lot. Being with someone who knows you since childhood. Are you still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should be with your high school boyfriend:

6. The have witnessed big achievements of yours.

You should be with your boyfriend because he has witnessed most of your life-turning accomplishment. Remember when you received your SAT scores and the first person who was by your side was your boyfriend? Remember when you received your college acceptance? They were even there when your received your first salary, which was probably as a waiter in some restaurant – but they were still there. That makes them very special.

5. You both have your own language.

When you have someone in your life during your growing up times, they automatically become very close to you. Even a friend at that growing stage always stays close to you. They are your confidants and since they know most about you, you both develop a code between each other. Most of the people don’t get your sign language and they obviously shouldn’t. What is the point of the language then if others understood it?

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