why you should get married in your early 20’s

For this generation of commitment-phobes, getting married is not an option to consider very soon – especially not in your early 20s. However, what we fail to see is that things like marriage are better the sooner they are done. Being close and intimate when you have the energy for it, and being there for each other when you are very likely to suffer setbacks is a great motivation get married early. However, if you are not convinced enough, here are a few reasons why you should get married early:

5. You experience adventure.

The first reason to consider is how energetic you are then. When you choose to get married early, it means that you can have that adventurous honeymoon or vacation without any worry. The worry of saving up money for it, and making sure it lasts while your career isn’t settled enough is an added adventure. The thrill and excitement of being together in this age have no match.