Heart-breaking Reunion of a Judge with Her Former Classmate in Courtroom… This Story Will make you Cry

When we go to school, we come across a lot of people. Those people come from all kinds of backgrounds and families, and our interactions are limited to the school. As we grow up and graduate from middle school, a lot of people change their schools; some leave the town, while there are some with whom our contact diminishes with the passage of time. We often wonder how their lives turned out to be. I sometimes sit and wonder how are classmates are now. Facebook has given us chances to reconnect with our people but some just disappear. This certain lady was one of those who wondered about her classmate but she was shocked to find him where she did.
During a regular bond court, the Miami-Jade judge Mindy Glazer came across the ‘nicest guy’ in her middle school in the court. However, it was extremely saddening to see that the ‘nicest guy in middle school’ was actually present as a suspect in her court. However, her behavior with him was extremely professional.
The 49-year-old Arthur Booth was arrested by the Hialeah Police on various charges including burglary, grand theft, fleeing and resisting arrest. On Thursday, he appeared before Judge Mindy Glazer in court who almost immediately recognized him as her classmate. She asked him if went to Nautilus Middle School. When he recognized who she was, he could not hide his disbelief. He began to shout “Oh my goodness!” and burst into tears. He could not control his emotions.