6 Signs He’s Cheating on You

You can’t seem to understand why your boyfriend/husband has suddenly started behaving very oddly. The recent change in his behaviour has left you confused and you want to know the reason why. You want to give him the benefit of doubt but what if he is cheating on you. Here are a few signs to figure out the truth.

6. His phone keeps ringing.

He cannot sit with you for an hour in peace. He gets calls from his work at odd hours and the calls last for quite a while. If you question him a lot about the calls, he gets all defensive and blames you for not trusting him. Sometimes, his work asks for him at 8 in the evening or later. The delegations and meetings never seem to end. If this is the case, there are high chances he is cheating on you.

5. He is always on another call.

He tells you that he is going to sleep but when you call his phone, he is on another call. Similarly, during the day, he should be busy with work but he is on call instead. You can ignore such a thing once or twice, but if this has become habitual, you need to check on him because he might just be cheating on you.

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