How She Felt When You Cheated On Her

You saw her somewhere and knew she’s the one. You start your wild goose chase and luckily you land a place in her heart. And so begins the merry affair of everything hunky dory. Your heart doesn’t stop singing, ‘Roses are red, violets are blue..’

Some time later, she’s calling and you’re not picking up. She’s texting but never gets a message back. You don’t feel into her anymore but she’s planned her perfect wedding and the fortunate groom is…you. How does that feel like to you right now? Imagine if you were in her shoes for a second, how would you feel? To have loved her but forgotten because someone more interesting just walked in the door of your heart…?

6. She’ll be in denial

She’ll keep muttering, ‘No. No. No. No’ to herself all day long. She’ll re-read all your conversations and assure herself that you still love her. She’ll make up stories in her head about how busy you might be and just doesn’t have the time to respond. She won’t tell her friends about your disappearance or your habits just because they’ll think wrong of you and she doesn’t wanna hear any of that. She doesn’t wanna hear you’re not going to be there anymore. She doesn’t want to feel she’s any more a darling. She doesn’t want to know you cheat on her.

5. Slowly, her life will smash to smithereens

The moment it hits her that you cheat on her and you’re gone, she’s going to have a breakdown. And this won’t be a breakdown of her body but of her heart, her soul..that she invested in you. She’ll begin to feel your absence with every breath she takes. She won’t have that one person to talk to about her day, to share the joke of the day with or to tell about the misery of her life.