How to Overcome the Loss of Someone in love

The loss is a difficult phenomenon for almost every living soul but every living soul does not respond in the same way to it. Some people face it like warriors but some just pretend to face it while crippling inside. The latter class of people includes those who develop a fear of loss in their hearts because of abandonment issues in their life. Be it a parent who randomly disappeared or a life partner who broke their trust, they get permanently scarred by these instances to the limit where all their future relationships are compromised. Here are a few signs of such people:


The unsettled relationships.

People with abandonment issues tend to have unsettled relationships all their life. Since they avoid attaching themselves too much with people, it is not difficult for them to skip relationships every now and then. Their behavior is not easy to understand for everyone so they eventually end up leaving such a person. If they have the past, you shouldn’t judge them for it but instead, try to understand how difficult it is for them to attach themselves to someone.