Husband Drugs and Rapes his wife for Years Without Her Knowledge.. This is sad Guys

Mandy Boardman was another ordinary wife living her life. She had married her husband a few years back after falling in love with him. She remembers how their love and romance convinced them to get married. The two did, but once their life went on and they had children and other responsibilities, their attentions got diverted. The two of them lost touch.

Seven years after their marriage, Mandy began to face issues. She would be tired for no reason and she kept forgetting things. She recollects how strange incidents began to happen in her life. She recollects waking up naked at night when she clearly remembered sleeping with her clothes on. She would wake up with dissolving pills in her mouth when she remembered taking no medicines before sleeping. Every morning, she would feel a strange bitter taste in her mouth on waking up. Soon afterwards, she could taste that bitterness in her drinks as well. Mandy Boardman was convinced that something was wrong with her. She has no idea that the reason behind all this wasn’t her, but someone else.