What Is Love? Love vs Sex – Let The Debate Begin

A number of theories, researchers, and philosophies that have originated to answer one simple question is beyond belief. And that one question is, “What Is Love?

The fact is that love is an indescribable feeling. A phenomenon that has been portrayed in a million ways and relates to each individual different. It’s a feeling that no two people feel alike. So no matter how much fiasco is created around understanding what love is, we say it’s kind of a useless debate.

But the interesting debate is Love vs Sex.

When you wonder what is love, your mind might wander to understanding if love is sex. However, this is a huge myth created by the international media, movies and video games. Romance in entertainment has got everyone confused about what is love and what is sex?

So let’s try to iron out some facts here.

What is Love? Love is a feeling that requires days, week, months and even years of emotional, sensual and intellectual investment. It is a bond that is created in the hearts of two people. Love is not temporary. For most of us, love lasts for a lifetime. Unlike lust, which fades away in a few hours. Love is a connection between two hearts that beat together in a similar rhythm. When a person is in love, he or she commits to that feeling for an extended period of time. He/she might question their feelings but that does not mean that the feeling of love has pared down. Love strengthens, grows and nurtures over time. Unlike sex.

What is Sex? Sex is an event. It’s an occasion. A celebration. It comes and a goes. Just like time. It is bound by time and not feelings. It is bound by a desire and not an attachment. It grows in your head more than your heart. When you wonder what is love and if you confuse it with sex, you’re probably heading in the wrong direction. People who get into relationships thinking about sex don’t last in long-term relationships. Sex is a gush of feelings that make you want to DO something. However, love is the creation of something with another person.