Love Him for Who He Is and Not for Who You Want Him to Be

Every person created by God on the earth is unique and different from the other. He has his strengths and weaknesses in personality. No one is perfect, and no one can ever be perfect. If you are in a relationship and you want your boyfriend’s personality to be according to your fantasy, then you are putting your entire relationship on a stake. He can never be Mr. Perfect. Choose a man whom you love him for who he is and not for who you want him to be. Don’t rush into a relationship, instead, try to understand each other first. Find out whether both of you are compatible for each other or not. Once you hold the hand of your guy, love him with all your heart and never try to change him. Don’t impose your desires on him and love him the way he is. In return, he will eventually change himself for you, wherever he will feel that he is lacking.

4. Love is not about change; it’s about acceptance:

It’s a fact that no matter, how stubborn or inflexible a man is, he has a very fragile heart inside. He wants to be loved and he wants acceptance of his personality regardless of flaws and weaknesses. A girl who loves him for who is wins all his heart and his passion. If you want a true relation and wish to win his heart, then don’t try to break his personality by imposing your fantasies on him. It will injure his ego and his self-esteem. Instead, love his shadows beside his lights. He will give all his heart and soul to you. Every man is unmatched and beautiful inside; you just need to bring all his brighter side out.