Love a person who isn’t afraid of loving you back

Loving someone who is afraid of loving you back is like getting into an argument with an uninformed person. Love is painful but it should be fearless. If you love someone with all your desire and will, it’s her right to love you back in return. One sided love is always very painful. As I was a teenager, I fall for a person. Meeting him was a chance but to be with him was my choice. In early hours of relationship, I ignored the little things and satisfied myself that everything will get settled one day. Many people tried to make me realize that it wasn’t right as he was least interested in loving me back. He was not the kind of a person I thought he would be, he ignored me everywhere and treated me like every other person in his life – so normal and coldly.

Love is an essence of all the emotions i.e. care, respect, honesty, and sincerity etc. When two people get into a love relationship, it becomes the responsibility of both of them to make each other happy and satisfied. I spent years of my life by compromising with him and realizing what I would have done in the immaturity. But trust me, I don’t regret the mistake I did in the past. I shouldn’t have learned anything in my life if I didn’t taste the pain of loving a person who is afraid of loving you back. He kept me in the perpetual state of disappointment and sadness. I always remained in the hope, I wish I should have realized that I wasn’t a puppy to be kept on a leash. He was not supposed to be my master but I remained her slave. Our relationship was supposed to be a partnership but I ended up losing end of this two-way street.

5. Love should make a person strong, not weak

The feeling of love makes a person strong but it my case, everything went wrong. My love for him made me weak, even weaker day by day. I was in a state of depression where I wanted to stay alone. One sided love is not easy to do, it’s too much difficult to love a person who doesn’t love you back.