How To Love Him Without Any Expectations

Loving someone is a proper challenge. You get to care for someone more than you get to care for yourself. You get to let someone know everything about you. You give another person a chance to completely shatter. You get to completely trust someone with almost everything.

When it is about a guy, woman are far more prone to giving up everything or a guy. However, the real challenge for them is to do everything and not expect anything. Here is how that can be done:

5. Always be there for yourself.

The first way to love him without expectations is to love yourself. When you begin to value yourself and understand our true potential, you realize that their is no one you really need – not unless you want to. My relationship was such a bumpy ride in the start just because of the fact that I had zero love for myself. Once I formed a bond with myself, my relationship got better in no time and I felt less needy. That automatically lowered my expectations.