How Do You Make Sure If He’s Interested in You?

So you’re really into this guy, you see him every day and you guys share a few giggles and jokes here and there. You probably get a few butterflies when you see him and wonder if he’s interested in you? Although men love to show that they’re cool and are probably the best to hide in showing if he’s interested in you, he will definitely drop a few hints around for you to catch, if only your signals are on high alert.

How do you find out if he’s interested in you? Here are a few signs,

6. He will listen more carefully

If he’s interested in you and you’re talking to him, he’ll probably lean a little forward to listen to you more keenly. Even if you’re clearly audible, he will look deeply in your eyes and understand every word you say. Actions speak louder than words and you ought to keep a keen eye on how his body acts around you and reacts to your actions.

5. He will skip his ‘boys scene’

Probably the most sensitive gathering for a guy is to hang out with his buddies and do all the boy things with them. Gah. But if he’s interested in you, he’ll shyly skip his friend’s scene and make time to be with you. Just give him a call and see how he prioritizes. You’ll know it right there and then if he’s interested in you or not – but make sure you are judging a regular hangout and not a long-planned gig.