You May Not Love Me Now but You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone

This is for every guy who has ever hurt the one girl who truly loved him. The one girl who stood by him through all odds but he could never appreciate her value. This is for every single guy who has looked down on the sincerity of love and honest of heart. As girls, we may be heartbroken and even shocked at what betrayal does to us but we know that it’ll be hard to find anyone who loves like we do. So this is for you, who didn’t care for hearts like us.

7. When You Have No One To Talk To, You’ll Miss Me

Remember those 4 AM calls when you couldn’t fall asleep just because you were nervous of the assignment submission in the morning? And those days when you sat alone in the cafeteria just because I couldn’t come to college. I stood by your side no matter what happened. If not in person but in spirit, I was always there. It didn’t matter if I was sleeping or if I was busy when I would see your call, I would be available.

6. When You Visit the Places We Used To Hang out At, You’ll Miss Me

From the roadside cafes to the posh restaurants we discovered in our hunt for good food; you’ll miss me wherever you go. You’ll remember the way we ordered the chef’s special and how long I used to keep you waiting as I tried a new dress on at the retail store. Waiters and servers everywhere knew about us. We were like family. It won’t be the same way for you anymore.