You May Not Love Me Now but You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone

5. When You Find Something Funny, You’ll Miss Me

Was I not the first person you’d share every funny meme with? Our sense of humor was so in sync that we would be the only two people in class, laughing till our tummies heart on a lame joke. Every moment of fun will become a moment when you’ll miss me. The kind of a bond we had, I doubt you’ll find someone to share that with.

4. When You See Me Moving On, You’ll Miss Me

I know one day I shall move on. I will find someone who makes me laugh more than you did. I will find someone who will understand what love is and love me with all he has. I shall move on from you and your made-up perception of love. Your betrayal. Your deceit. And when you see me like that, you will wish you had me. But I won’t want that.