Men May Like A Smart Woman, But They Don’t Want To Date One

It goes without a saying that humans are meant to be drawn towards being with people who make them feel superior. Same goes for some men relationships. Men most likely love the company of a smart woman with whom they can chat about the world, politics, life, business affairs and so on and so forth. But when it comes to being with a smart woman, men will often think twice.

Only a very secure and confident man will go with being someone smarter or equally smart than him. He would love to be challenged day in and out. He would love to have the comfort of sharing his day to day ordeals with a smart woman who will understand what he goes through. She might also often add a piece of good advice here and there which might help the man very much.

On the contrary, we have some men who feel insecure or rather uncomfortable with a smart woman. The reason could be from her being more successful than him or simply him being insecure about her intelligence. A man’s ego does not let him feel belittle around his company. And often times, when in a room with a smart woman who is living a life full of smart choices, men might feel small. And they do not accept that very nicely.

This thought and mentality stem from our age-old myths about how men need to be superior to women and that women cannot be smart. If we go back a century or more, history tells us how inferior women were considered and if a smart woman would share her opinion regarding a subject, she would face many a scorn on it. Women have been oppressed not only physically but their emotional intelligence has suffered a great ordeal in establishing themselves as a smart woman.

Many types of research have been conducted on human behavior and the relation of certain traits with the level of attraction for the opposite sex. Some of them include that if a man is put in a room with a bunch of smart women and not-so-smart ones, he’ll develop a natural attraction to the not-so-smart woman. Although logic does not seem to do justice to this human behavior but nonetheless it holds true.

A research tried to explain why men don’t feel attracted to a smart woman. It stated that in situations when a woman outsmarted a man, he felt a decrease in his masculinity. As mentioned before, men love to keep their masculinity on the upper edge at all times and even a little shake on it can cause him to repel from the other person. Same goes for him in relationships. Not many men like to feel that the smart woman is taking charge of many situations that by natural order, should be in charge of a man.

These researchers make us conclude that men like to be challenged in conversations and discussions but when it comes to the little things in daily life, they like to believe they have got it all in control. And being outdone by a smart woman is unattractive.

Fortunately, this trait is not found in all men. So relax ladies, let’s not stereotype here. There are men who love to be challenged constantly. Who love to look at their significant other and find a smart woman in them. Who like to be taken charge of. So if the researchers got you a little off your seat, we apologize. 😉 You can still keep looking for your love!