Moving On From A Guy Who Never Loved Me

Him and me

I loved him. I really did, but I had to make up my mind. I was either going to be someone begging for love or someone who will finally take a stand for herself.

It all started when I decided to force love on him. I had no idea about how I would go about things.  I would only cry for him. I would try to seek his attention. I wouldn’t eat properly. I wouldn’t sleep properly. All I would do was think about him. I was in love, but my passion was turning into an obsession.

It was like I loved im so much that every part of me ached to have that love reciprocated.

I was lost

Our relationship started off smoothly. We were a happy couple that had mutual dreams and ambitions. Every Sunday, we would go to this coffee house where we would sit and talk for hours. However, then we grew apart and I tried so hard to keep us together that I lost myself.

I felt so lost because I saw no purpose of my life anymore. I would leave work for ome and get lost in the way. Often, I would end up at the coffee house. I would stare at the door and just cry silent tears to myself.