One Day You Are Going to Find Someone Who’ll Never Leave You

Being looked after by someone in a manner which suddenly widens your mouth with a deep smile and leaves your cheeks with a slight pain, is a feeling which every girl long for. A girl actually, is an inborn epitome which always seeks attention, care, love, and devotion. Right after the moment, she leaves her mom’s lap, her father is the one who takes care of her as no other would ever think of. But there are other roles which are needed to be played by another man who is most likely to enter her life soon as she reaches the teenage or during adulthood. A time will come when you will find a person, who will adore you and he will never leave you.

One day, a person will come into your life in a way you would have never imagined before. He will be a person who will mean the world to you. He will gaze at you like no other person had ever gazed at you before. He will look at you like there is just you standing over there and he won’t care whether somebody else is around or not. He will never leave you and will bring out all the positive aspects which were concealed earlier. He will get you out of the bubble which once used to camouflage your inner self. He will bring the confidence in you like you had never experienced before. The sense of being loved to the cores will melt your heart and you will love him to the extents you had never thought of before.

The reasons for which he will never leave you are going to be a question to which he will answer till the moment you will place your fingers on his lips to shush him because the reasons will be countless. Truly, this person will be the one who will bring out the best in you and will love each and every aspect of you. He will observe every single habit of you, even the quickest one, and you will get amazed when you will see him imitating you by sitting right in front of you and you will be left with no other option but to laugh hysterically at his amusing actions.

You will get startled when he will praise your habit of holding your sweater opening in our hand, curling your hair unknowingly and even the way you move your feet rhythmically, he would love to mention it too. He will be the one who will know all of your flaws and weaknesses yet he will stick to you and will adhere to your standards no matter what. He will never leave you for any reason whatsoever.

There will be a day when you will witness him changing sides while on a stroll and when you will ask why is he doing so? The answer will leave you speechless. “There is scorching sunlight and I have no umbrella to keep you out of the sunlight’s harms. That’s why I want my shadow over you.” This is the answer where you will say nothing else but hug him tightly. His unconditional love will compel him to love even beyond the boundaries and he will never leave you irrespective of what conditions may arise. You will forget about the dark days and there will be a day when you will confess that the days you spent without him were worthless and he will make you feel so wanted and so loved which will grant utter solace to not just to your body, but to your soul as well.

He will be the one who will bear each and every kind of pressure on himself yet he will save you from becoming the victim. He will give in his personal best to give you the best days of your life till the last breath which both of you will take. One day, you will find a person, whose love for you will be everlasting and won’t fail. He will never leave you and will turn your dream of “absolute love” into a reality.