She cheated on her Boyfriend so many times, but preaches monogamy now!

She recalls how the first relationship she ever got into was with a guy named Rick. He was her childhood sweetheart, and they were in a proper relationship. He had even met her mother confidently because he was extremely serious with her. After a year, Melissa’s father left her mother for no reason. He literally abandoned the woman, and she was heartbroken. She resorted to Rick for emotional support and she was sure that he would never abandon her like that.

Melissa went abroad to study. She was living in Mexico when she first cheated on him. She slept with a guy who worked across the street. However, she never had the courage to tell him because she thought she left the incident behind in Mexico when her studies were over in the region. When she returned back to her campus, she came back home with a guy and was drunk. She cheated on him again and didn’t tell him, again! She assured herself that it was a mistake and that it would never happen again.

However, she also assured herself by thinking that some people were never supposed to have a single partner, and that for some people, monogamy was never possible. Consequently, after they graduated, Melissa ended up being in an affair with a woman named Brie. She felt like she was in love and decided to tell Rick. He was devastated when he found out, and what made things vague was the fact that it was a woman. Melissa claimed that she had been used and decided to change her ways.