You Sir, are the problem in the relationship – Not her.

Dear Men, to all those who think they’re like Alexandar The Great, people who’ve conquered half of the planet with their mischief and intellect – sorry to break the bubble to you but you are everything you think you are not!

Having received your attention now, from behalf of most of the women, let us tell you that while you lament, whine and complain about how noisy, unpredictable and problematic your girl is, the problem is most likely not with her, the problem in the relationship is also in you.

An old age saying has it, ‘You clap with both your hands!’. Nothing can be made or destroyed by one person but somehow men love to perceive themselves as the ultimate saviors of the relationship. And most likely, the girl is the problem in the relationship. The way she talks, cooks, cleans, nags, whines, cries..gah, anything she does and doesn’t do, becomes a problem in the relationship.

But mister, have you taken a step back at any point and thought if you may be the problem in the relationship? Hmmm. Got your gray matter working now, eh?

Let us help you identify if you are the problem in the relationship with a few things to keep on your bad guy checklist,

4. You only think about yourself

Especially when taking important decisions. How much do you include her in your life? Does she hold a valuable opinion in your life problems, issues or situations? Do you give her the space to listen and value what she has to say? Because of sweetheart, every girl likes to be an equal part in the life of their loved ones and if you aren’t giving her, her due respect, you are the problem in the relationship.