Sometimes you have to let go, even if you Love the Person

As humans, we are naturally inclined towards believing that love will heal us all. And when we’re in love, we think that we’ll be able to conquer almost anything that comes our way. After all, love is such a feeling. You just can’t let go of the person who is dear to you. It constantly keeps you on the edge to make everything work. It keeps you thinking that everything is going to be okay. But alas, sometimes a time comes when you lose. When the idea of a perfect relationship comes crashing down like a waterfall.

And this is what you call life. This is when you learn that the world isn’t such a wonderful place after all. When you have to let go, you often find yourself amidst a billion thoughts that leave you rattled for a good stretch of time. You wonder if your love wasn’t enough to keep it together that you had to let go?

But sweetheart, the reality is far from it. The reality is far from anything you could have done to keep your dear ones with you. The detachment from love has many forms. From losing the person you love in a relationship for the greater good to losing a parent, a sibling, a friend or an accomplice. But the baseline for the loss doesn’t change; it hurts and it hurts as bad as a bullet in your chest.

You just have to keep telling yourself that you had to let go despite your love. And the reasons can be many.

You might have come to a realization that perhaps you’re not good enough. You may think that the person you love could go on with someone better from you; may it be in terms of money, personality or simply companionship.

There could have been a time where you couldn’t give your all to the person you love. You couldn’t be there for him/her because you were stuck in a 9-5 shift and had no other option but to let go. Despite genuinely, eagerly and with all your heart wanting to give everything you had, your circumstances just wouldn’t let you go the extra mile.

Maybe the person you loved had to settle for a compromise somewhere else. Maybe they found someone better. Maybe they couldn’t see a future with you.

When you face any of these circumstances, your chances of keeping your love become as thin as a sheet of paper. You are left with no option but to let go. You know that it is going to hurt you. You know that life will never be the same go. The burden of a loss is far greater than any pain in the world. But life doesn’t give you the option to choose sometimes. You just have to take what it gives you. And that includes the heart to let go of someone you’ve loved dearly, more than yourself.

But my friend, you have to keep it together. You have to keep your chin high. Just remember that regardless of what you go through, don’t let go of your grace. Don’t let life take the best of you. Move on with your head up high and know in your heart that you did all you could and it just couldn’t be this way. Find peace in knowing that some things in life are written for you and no matter what happens, if you had to let go, someone, you just had to.

Stop the thoughts in your mind which tell you that you could’ve done something differently for a different outcome. Sometimes, you just have to let go. No questions asked.