There’s No Such Thing as a Red Flag in Relationships

Basic human psychology makes us want to become victims of our lives. Self-pitying and self-loathing is probably the best grain our mind can feed itself. No matter what kind of a relationship you’ve been in, if it was an unsuccessful one, you’ll immediately start thinking that it would’ve been easier to see this coming if you saw the red flag in the relationships.

So let’s start from the basics. What exactly is a ‘red flag’? If we go by the dictionary, a red flag is an initial sign of warning raised before the danger is about to come. More like a prediction of danger so we can equip ourselves with the necessities to deal and overcome the upcoming storm.

Now let’s put this phrase in our context of “Red Flag In Relationships”. Now this means that situations that happened which could’ve been a prospective sign of danger, that is, failure of the relationship.

So, since we’ve got the basics covered, let’s start talking logically. There is absolutely no barometer that judges what exactly the red flags in relationships are. There’s absolutely no data or science that can help you calculate the red flag in relationships. There is no such mobile application or technology that can detect the red flag in relationships. So if you’re telling yourself that things could have been different, had you read the signs beforehand, then we’re sorry to break this to you but that thought is utter bullsh*t.  

Understanding that there are a million ways that humans cope with a breakup and understanding red flags in relationships is a primary tool to self-betterment (or self-victimization rather), we often forget how tightly we need to hold on to the rope of faith. To the belief that what we did and how we did it was the best that could have been. To the realization that things will always turn out to be the way they have to. To knowing that we only have so much control in different situations.