This Secret Formula Tells You if Your Relationship Will Last

You would be surprised to know that intimate matters such as love and relationships can be explained by mathematical formulas now. A mathematician has put forward a theory that explains everything. Her name is Hannah Frys.

Hannah works at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in London. She wrote a book called the ‘Mathematics of Love’ which explains that all of this is actually based on how positive or negative a husband or wife, or girlfriend or boyfriend are towards one another.

She uses the reference of a psychologist John Gottman who worked with his tam for years observing couples and their attributes like expression, heart rate, blood pressure and the kind of words they used for one another. They basically stated that couples would last longer if they had more positive interactions while negative interactions led them to breakups.

It is claimed that in normal relationships, if a partner is being negative and then it is treated as a consequence of some negative event in his/her life. For example, your husband could be complaining about the food one evening because he had a bad day at work. On the other hand, in a negative relationship, such a behaviour is normal and if a husband is doing such a thing, a wife would not assume a reason for it but would think that her husband is thankless and doesn’t care for her feelings.

Gottman also took help from James Murray, a mathematician, and they developed a formula based on which they could predict the behaviour of a husband or wife at the next interaction between them. Now this formula not only applies to married couples, but also to couples who are in a long-term relationship.


The first equation is for the wife while the second one is for the husband.

Coming to the variables w refers to how the wife is generally feeling, i.e., her mood; rwWt is her mood while her husband is around while IHW determines the influence of the husband on the wife. The roles exchange for the husband’s equation.

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