Two Words That Are Key in a Relationship

Proven by research and taught by experience, two words contain a beautiful magic and are the vital key in a relationship, they are, “Thank You.” A research conducted in the United States has proven that when ‘thank you’ is said more often in a relationship, that relationship tends to last longer. These words are not only a conversation starter but also discourage bad communication.

In today’s world of distractions and hustle bustle, couples have begun communicating very little. Unfortunately, most of the conversations happen over Whatsapp, Facebook or Texts. Hence, the importance of realizing what is key in a relationship has become ever so important now.

If you don’t understand what is key in a relationship, it will become very difficult for you to adjust to a modern day lifestyle with someone you love. Thank You fills up that gap in your relationship that you might not even be aware of. These are such words that hold such a strong value between two people that they can become capable of withholding the toughest of storms. And why do you think does the world emphasize on ‘Thank You’ being such an important key in a relationship? Here’s why,

5. Two Words of Love

Thank You is that expression which is enough to express your love for someone. May it be a stranger walking down the road who has given you the way, if you say thank you to him, he’ll respect forever. If it is your family, friend or foe, if you say thank you to them, they will immediately know your love for them. Without even saying anything, thank you says a lot. These words are such a beautiful manifestation of love and hence, are an important key in a relationship.

4. Two Words of Appreciation

If you’re shy from expressing what you like, you must have noticed that saying thank you to someone who has done something for you, immediately makes things better for you. They’re not just key in a relationship for the one you love but for anyone you encounter. These words express feelings that you probably cannot say. Or might not say just out of awkwardness. You appreciate what someone has done for you and you say Thank You. And this makes them do even more.