VALENTINE SPECIAL: 5 Things To Eradicate To Get A Stable Relationship

A baby relationship is all about dreams and butterflies but as the bond matures, things get tougher to handle. The partners seem to lose interest in each other, and the relationship starts to dry out. Situation goes haphazard and instability arises. If action is not taken at that point of the relationship, then this eventually leads to separation. Are you at this stage? Not to worry. We help you know some of the things you need to flush out, to keep your relationship stable and secure:

  1. Loss of communication

Obviously as the heat cools down, a communication gap arises between the two partners involved. You both get busy with your life and your priorities shuffle up. Communication gap from hours, widens to days and weeks. Conversations shorten down and you both run out of topics to discuss. If you want to be in a stable relationship, you need to eliminate this connection gap between you two. Take out time for your loved one and let each other know of the daily whereabouts. A half an hour conversation every night will be very fruitful to your relationship.