Veteran uses student loans to make himself capable for love

Some people take promises extremely seriously. No matter how rare they are, they are the kind of people who restore your faith in other people.

One such tale of such is of Dave and Leena. David Christopher Barrowman was a carefree boy. His life had always been spent in comforts and luxuries owing to the luxury car business of his father. Despite that, he was always ambitious towards his education. He had a dream of making and designing cars so he worked hard to attain himself admission in a respectable college.

His early days at college were fun and challenging. He made a few friends and studied to be above average. However, in his second semester, he was paired with ‘Geeky Leaky’ in his class for a project. Be it college or high school, no one is fond of the kid whose hand goes up the minute the question is thrown in the class. Naturally, he was repelled from the first day. However, working with her showed him how wrong generalizations could be. Once the project was over, he often noticed her sitting alone reading books or studying in the library. Out of curiosity, he sat with her one day asked about her friends.

“Geeky Leaky is a higher authority. She needs no friends!” She exclaimed. He chuckled.
“Don’t you feel lonely Leena? Sitting alone all the time and having no one to open your heart to?” He asked.

“It can get a little lonely at times,” she said, “but I was brought up this way so I can get rid of loneliness easily.”

“Hey, you wanna join me for drinks this Saturday?” He asked out of nowhere and the moment those words slipped his mouth, he knew he would regret it.

“Ummm yeah sure,” she said and picked up her books and left.

Until Saturday came, Dave spent hours thinking about his outing with Leena.
“She talks about books all the time,” he thought. “How much fun can she be?”

Saturday came rushing to him and they set together for the nearest bar. Most students didn’t go to that place because it was usually slow, but Leena had insisted going there. She even insisted on driving so Dave sat next to her amidst an awkward silence in her car. When they reached there and she got off, he could not stop but notice her golden brown curls that kept jumping out of her hoodie. As he was on it, he noticed the way her eyes shone bright when she smiled, but how they quickly faded out and that smile went away.

However, the evening was not bad at all. Talking to her made him feel at ease and soon, she started telling him about herself. He felt almost guilty on realizing how she had always lived in an orphanage and studied beyond her capacity to get scholarships. She talked about how she came to this college by getting herself into student loans. She talked about how she always liked ambitious people and stated how she would never marry a man who is not as qualified as she is.

Their friendship didn’t last very long and soon enough, they were attracted to each other. Dave was not the handsome hunk type, but his intense hazel brown eyes and his messy hair made him irresistible to her. They thought their lives were going to change forever, but Dave got a call an year later that did change everything, but not the way they had accepted. His father had passed away.

Once he returned from home, he was a changed man. He told her how much debts he was in because of his father and how he did not have enough money to even continue his education. He left her and that college, but she promised him and told him that the day he needed someone to love again, she will be there.

His elder brother took responsibility for getting rid of the loans since he was in the business with his father. The atmosphere at his house was always stressful and he got so sick of it all that he joined the US Marines. He served for 5 years in Afghanistan where he was caught by the enemy there. After being tortured for days – which included mental and physical torture – he escaped. They had cut off his arm and toes to make him share what he knew. He was no longer fit to serve in the army and returned back. He knew he could not go back home. In fact, he just knew who to call. He met Leena and she took him back with open arms. He was so sure of losing her that he was overcome with great relief on hearing that in those five years, she had loyally waited for the man who was the only one to ever treat her normally.

She convinced him to start his life back but he did not have much money. She urged on helping but he did not accept. Since he was a veteran, he easily managed to get student loans and embarked on the journey of continuing his education to make himself capable. He knew that she would have taken him back but he didn’t need sympathy – he needed love. On those student loans, he survived for three years and completed his education – never asking her for even a dime. He kept her close but living on limited money and even sleeping hungry at nights made him stronger beyond measures. On his graduation, she was there in the audience cheering and jumping in excitement as he walked on stage to collect his degree with the highest grades in his class. He knew she was why he had gone through all this and lived off so many student loans. He rushed to her and fell to his knees. She accepted his proposal and got married.

I cannot guarantee the happily ever after but the bond was stronger than any bond we ever knew. From being a carefree brat to becoming a veteran who lived off student loans to honor the woman who had waited for him for 5 years – how often do you see this?