Want to be in a Relationship 5 things Rules you Follow

They say every kind of relationship requires effort. Obviously, nothing good comes without effort to anyone. To make a relationship successful, you have to make attempts at compromising, understanding, loving and being there for someone. When you are in an open relationship, things are always a little different. You are allowed to love one person but have many other partners. You can be with other people, but you cannot develop a bond with them. You love one person who should not feel insecure or jealous etc. Here are a few rules of an open relationship:

5. Do not attach yourself to the other people.

An open relationship allows you to have other physical and $exual partners, but it does not allow you to attach yourself to them. You love the person you are with and you are content with them. You are, however, allowed to have other partners if that makes the two of you happy. Yet, it does not give you the right to attach yourself and become close to those other partners. You are supposed to love and-and attach yourself to this person you’re with – not the person you had a little hook up with.