Want to be in a Relationship 5 things Rules you Follow

4. Start slow.

Whether the two of you are experienced with this or not, you must start an open relationship slowly. There is no need to push each other beyond limits in the start. You need to figure out each other’s comfort levels. Your previous experiences in an open relationship might not be applicable in this relationship, neither should you attempt to impose them. The safest strategy is to go slow and then let things pace up as per each other’s standards and bounds.

3. Do not go for each other’s friends.

When you are in an open relationship, you are allowed to get physically and $exually involved with another person. However, it is best that you do not involve yourself with each other’s friends. You will come across them very often and even when you haven’t involved yourself with them, it will be awkward to be around them. Consider it an important relationship rule to never get involved with each other’s friends.