What is your relationship type? 5 interesting Facts You Should know

Every love is sacred. What you share with your partner is much more different than what I share with mine. However, we are all similar on the kind of relationship we are in, because there is a general category we all fall into. We are in a different kind of situation, but as humans we give our partners the similar kinds of chances to love, to grow and to exist. Here is how you can know what kind of relationship you are in:

  • The Growing-Together Kind:

Compare how you were before they came in your life to how you are now. Do you feel like a grown up person? Have you gone through changes and do you see yourself as a different person? Is the difference in you the good kind? If you are of the growing-together kind, the two of you have learnt a lot by being with one another. You have learned to love each other while teaching each other how to survive in this world. You are extremely involved in each other’s lives. You know each other’s goals and aims, and as a result, you’re the best sort of motivation for them.