A Woman Shot Her Boyfriend After He Rubbed Pizza In Her Face

The couple Jennifer and Brandon had been having fights and arguments over the past few weeks. Brandon accepts that he had asked Jennifer and her two kids to leave the house with immediate effect. And when they failed to comply with his command, he got furious, grabbed Jennifer by the hair and rubbed pizza all over her face.

All of this happened amidst a heated argument in between the couple. And when Jennifer couldn’t see any light, she pointed a handgun at Brandon in her self-defense. Little did she know that the gun was loaded and she tried to scare Brandon, she accidentally pulled the trigger.

Out of panic, shock, and fear, Jennifer’s first reaction to her stunt was to call 911 for help. Brandon had been lying on the floor, bleeding heavily when Jennifer called up her mom and his mother to tell them about the situation. Jennifer could have stopped the bleeding but she got busy making the calls instead.

Brandon has filed a case against her with the charges of aggravated assault and attempted homicide. In her defense, Jennifer claims that she was bullied and had to opt for self-defense when the bullying got worse. However, a city district judge did not take Jennifer’s testimony into account and has commanded to stand trial for her actions and stay in county jail with a bail of $25,000.

This is the story of how a little miscalculation at the time of anger and panic can lead someone to such great damage. Our prayer is that justice is served right. And if Brandon was actually a tough guy to deal with, then we hope Jennifer is able to prove herself in the court of law.