Your Partner Treats You As A Friend – 5 Things You MUST Do

An intimate relationship is always different from a friendship. Your friend will never treat you the way your partner treats you and vice versa. There is always a difference. However, with the advent of evolved relationships, there are a lot relationships where the person does not feel different than a friend. It is almost like it is a friendship, not a relationship. If you are in one such relationship, you need to do something before it is too late. Here is what you can do:

  1. Identify how long it has been..

At first, you must identify how long it has been since your partner started treating you differently. Sometimes, our relationships take a different shape after a drastic fight or an emotional change. My partner behaves extremely oddly when he is stressed. He shuts me out and doesn’t even treat me like a friend. SImilarly, after a fight, it is difficult for me to act normal and accept him immediately so I tend to stay very reserved with him for quite some time. You need to identify the instance and that will help you find and eliminate the root.